brown wooden gavel on brown wooden table

Correctional Service Canada and Parole Board of Canada convene a National Joint Board of Investigation

To fully understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, Anne Kelly, Commissioner of CSC, and Jennifer Oades, Chairperson of the PBC, have convened a National Joint Board of Investigation (BOI) into the Statutory Release, community supervision and PBC decisions in the case of Myles Sanderson.

The National Joint BOI process is guided by requirements set out in the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. It is an administrative investigation that will thoroughly analyze all of the facts and circumstances, including whether laws, policies and protocols were followed, and identify any recommendations and corrective measures, as needed.

The National Joint BOI is comprised of six members (two external community co-chairs and four members from the organizations); three members of the committee are Indigenous, and all members have experience and expertise in the criminal justice system. An Independent Observer, an Indigenous person, is also being appointed to ensure that the investigation process is thorough and impartial.

Once the National Joint BOI is completed, the findings and any recommendations will be publicly shared.