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Death of an inmate from Dorchester Penitentiary – Terry Anderson

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On September 29, 2022, Terry Anderson, an inmate from Dorchester Penitentiary died while in custody.

At the time of death, the inmate had been serving a sentence of one year and six months since May 24, 2022, for arson – disregard for human life, arson – damage to property and breach of long-term supervision order.

According to a 1999 article from the CBC, Terry Anderson had a compulsion to start fires. One of his most infamous stunts included setting fire to the Avalon Mall.

He also set fire to the halfway house he had only been living in for 4 days, starting it in the oven, and then calling the fire department. He was sent back to prison afterward to finish his full sentence.

The inmate’s next of kin have been notified.

As in all cases involving the death of an inmate, Correctional Service Canada (CSC) will review the circumstances. CSC policy requires that the police and the coroner be notified.

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