Serial Killer Dellen Millard appeals murder convictions

Dellen Millard and former friend Mark Smitch will get a chance to plead their case at Ontario Court of Appeals today.

A jury in June 2016 first found Millard and Smich guilty of murdering Bosma, after he took the two men out for a test drive of his pickup truck in May 2013. The trial heard Bosma’s body was burned in an incinerator.

Tim Bosma, Wayne Millard & Laura Babcock

The same incinerator was used to get rid of the body of 23-year-old Babcock who vanished in June of 2012.

An investigation into Wayne Millard’s death was reopened shortly after Dellen Millard was charged with Bosma’s murder.

The court has denied a request from Millard to adjourn a hearing for an appeal of one of his convictions, the murder of his father. The appeal hearing will go ahead as scheduled Friday.

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