Death of a Dangerous Offender – Danny Croxen

On July 5, 2023, Danny Croxen, an inmate from the Regional Psychiatric Centre, died while in custody of natural causes, according to a Correctional Services Canada media release.

In 1998 Croxen attacked and attempted to sexually assault a healthcare worker while staying at Douglas Hospital, where he was sent for observation and evalutation.

He would be convicted in 1999 of assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault causing bodily harm and forcible confinement against the hospital employee.

The attack occurred only 6 months after completing a 9 year prison sentence for four sexual assaults in 1988.

He was also declared a dangerous offender and sentenced to an indefinite term in prison.

“As in all cases involving the death of an inmate, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) will review the circumstances. CSC policy requires that the police and the coroner be notified.”

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